Toei Company, Ltd. (東映株式会社, Tōei Kabushiki-gaisha, pronounced toe-ay) is a Japanese film, television production, and distribution corporation. Based in Tokyo, Toei owns and operates thirty-four movie theaters across Japan, studios at Tokyo and Kyoto; and is a shareholder in several television companies. It is notable for anime, live action dramas known as tokusatsu which use special visual effects, and historical dramas (jidaigeki).

The name "Toei" is derived from the company's former name "Tōkyō Eiga Haikyū" (Tokyo Film Distribution Company).

Toei was known for making anime like Daiku Maryu Gaiking, Dragon Ball Z, Captain Harlock and Sailor Moon; as well as notable tokusatsu series like Super Sentai, Metal Hero and Kamen Rider.

Toei distributes the Harmony Unleashed main series and films (as well as the YouTube Poop TV Series) and its spin-offs: Uprising and Guardians of Equestria, as part of the Harmony Unleashed Production Committee along with Bushiroad, Bandai and Takara Tomy.