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Shin-Ei Animation Co., Ltd (シンエイ動画株式会社 Shin'ei Douga Kabushiki Gaisha) is a Japanese animation company owned by TV Asahi Corporation founded in Tokyo in 1976.

It is the successor to A Production, a previous animation venture by its founder, Daikichirō Kusube, who was previously an animator for Toei Animation.

Shin-Ei is the animation studio behind the biggest hit anime television series, Doraemon and Crayon Shin-chan, which still run on Japanese TV since 1979 and 1992 respectively. Other anime projects Shin-Ei made were Haré+Guu, The Knight in the Area, Tonari no Seki-kun, Kuromajo-san ga Toru!!, etc.

Shin-Ei Animation will produce the SD series, starting with a short film with Sunrise named "Harmony Unleashed SD: Race to Canterlot High", and the SD series, Harmony Unleashed SD: All-Stars with Liden Films.

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