Pinkie Pie
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Main Information
Species Pony
Age 17 (HPCS/AB)
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Element Laughter
Occupation Party Maker
Other Information
Portrayal/Voice See Below
Appearance My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Pinkie Pie (known for a full name and her evil form as Pinkamena Diane Pie) is another main character of the Mane Six Gang from both the My Little Pony Series and the Harmony Unleashed Series. Her name resembles from Generation 3.


My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicEdit

Pinkie Pie is an earth pony with a pink body and magenta mane and tail. She is a baker/confectioner at the Sugarcube Corner and a party planner, but is very friendly, hyper, air-headed, and quite random at times. She also enjoys singing and playing pranks, sometimes with Rainbow Dash's help, but will not play any on Fluttershy due to her sensitive nature. In "Swarm of the Century", she makes a musician out of herself regardless of some other ponies' concerns about the Parasprites. Her behavior is frequently random and chaotic at times and she has been known to break the fourth wall. There is seldom a day without Pinkie's smile. She possesses the "Pinkie Sense," an ability to predict events in the immediate future through twitches of various body parts, as well as a photographic or Eidetic memory. When she becomes sad enough, her mane and tail go from curly to completely straight and her pink coloration loses its brightness. While she usually hops around, Pinkie is exceptionally quick when running, able to keep pace with and chase down a hurrying, airborne Rainbow Dash. She represents the element of laughter. She has a toothless pet alligator named Gummy.

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My Little Pony ChroniclesEdit

While the 3 search for Spike and the other six, Pinkie Pie, confused without understanding Japanese, ends up in Japan, the land of the Rising Sun, and home of the J-Rock/J-Pop Band Puffy AmiYumi, which they also speak English. Ami Onuki, member of the band, a drummer, and an upbeat pink-haired girl, was aware that Pinkie Pie speaks, and she thought normal animal horses don't speak until now. Later, she became friends, Leaving Yumi Yoshimura doubted about Ami's shenanigans with Pinkie.

Human Ponidox Continuum ShiftEdit

As a Human, she is still the same pony we know, even if they're doubled by both human and pony. When she found out her best friend got her human form, but this time, when a pony she becomes a human he when doubled, she fell in love with Rainbow Blitz (Dash's genderswapped counterpart in human form). Her arsenal is the Party Cannon, just like in the series.


Pinkie is part of the Spirit Brony Resistance led by Aaron and with Rarity, she is in Cristina's team.

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