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The My Little Pony: Harmony Unleashed (マイ·リトル·ポニー:ハーモニーアンリーシュド, Mai· ritoru· ponī: Hāmonīanrīshudo) toyline is a line of toys produced in collaboration by Bandai and from Namco Bandai Holdings Inc., Bushiroad, Takara Tomy and Hasbro to set release in toy stores in Fall 2013 worldwide. It is the second toyline of the fourth generation of My Little Pony next to the Equestria Girls toyline.

American ToylineEdit

The Toyline is set to release this fall as the toys are made and published by Bandai and Hasbro. The toy will include a My Little Pony character along with a HU character. The guys' version are resembling the S.H. Figuarts and other action figures, while the girl's version resembles of both Barbie and a female action figure. But the toyline is adapted for 7 ages and up with the same demographic of boys and girls of the fandom (As it's also for the same demographic of HU). The Toyline of the series will include characters from Guardians of Equestria, Uprising, and the film series.

Anthro BunrakuEdit

Hasbro will be in charge of the Anthro Bunraku hair-brushable/character moving action figure and is set to release in stores in November 2013, prior to the season premiere of both the Anthro Bunraku animated series and the original Friendship Is Magic series.

Tamashii Nations HU Superhero ToylineEdit

Bandai and Hasbro announced that the Harmony Jaeger, Robo-Bebe & Pegasister Rangers will have their toyline between 2013 and 2014.

Japanese ToylineEdit


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Hasbro, Bandai's S.H. Figuarts and Takara Tomy released the toyline of the Harmony Unleashed series resembling animesque characters from the series with a pony included. The characters will come from Human Ponidox Continuum Shift, Equestrian Trinity, AppleSpark Chronicles, Uprising, the SD series, etc. Takara's version will be about ponies, although Bushiroad owns the rights to the series altogether, while Bandai makes the non-pony toys.

The japanese toyline will have its international distribution by Hasbro and Bandai between December 2013 and January 2014.

Harmony Unleashed Trading Card Game & PoniFight SeriesEdit