IG Port (株式会社IGポート, Kabushiki-gaisha Ai Jī Pōto) is a Japanese holding company that was established on December 1, 2007 as a result from a merger between the holding companies of Japanese anime studio Production I.G and manga publisher Mag Garden.

The announcement of the merger between Production I.G and Mag Garden was on July 4, 2007. Specifically, the original company, Production I.G, was transformed into a holding company a month before the merger. Along with a name change, it transferred most of its former duties and management to a new developed subsidiary called Production I.G. After the merger with Mag Garden by stock exchange a month later, IG Port (the "old" I.G and Mag holding companies) now fully owns the "new" Production I.G, Xebec, Wit Studio, and Mag Garden as its subsidiaries.

IG Port, for the Harmony Unleashed series, collaborated for the Harmony Unleashed: AppleSpark Chronicles and Harmony Unleashed: Jaegermeisters anime series, as Production I.G, Xebec and Wit Studio are producing it.