Harmony Unleashed Zone is a programming block on The Pony Network oriented at the franchise of Harmony Unleashed started in July 12, 2013. It has been announced in New York Comic Con 2013 that Neon Alley will begin the saturday morning block in Early 2014 with HPCS, Jaegermeisters, Equestrian Trinity and AppleSpark Chronicles.


Current ProgrammingEdit

Future ProgrammingEdit

International VersionsEdit


NI97's Pony Network Canadian Counterpart My Little Jetstream will launch the block in 2014. It will air Human Ponidox Continuum Shift, Equestrian Trinity, Uprising and Anthro Bunraku.

Latin AmericaEdit

MTV and PonyCanal (a new network from a joint venture of Televisa, ANCT de Ecuador, NI97/AR97 and Hasbro starting in August) will launch the block as "Zona Armonia Liberada" in October. It will air Human Ponidox Continuum Shift, Anthro Bunraku, Guardians of Equestria and Uprising.