Harmony Unleashed Animated: The Origin Story (known in Japan as Harmony Unleashed The Animation - Code: Zero) is a Japanese-American anime special feature for the Harmony Unleashed series directed by Takuya Igarashi, with a story written by Aaron Montalvo, screenplay by Shoji Yonemura in the Japanese version, and translated by Greg Weisman, and animated by Toei Animation and Bones. The special will be aired in Japan on TV Asahi and Animax in November 10, 2013 before airing the Japanese dub of Harmony Unleashed: Guardians of Equestria and in America on Neon Alley, NaruIchi97 Anitoku and AMtv in Early 2014, Despite the special being an OVA.


The story is a retelling of the YouTube Poop: The Series episode, Harmony Unleashed, with elements from prior episodes, which it started the saga and a year later, they expanded it into a franchise.

Aaron and Twilight Sparkle team-up with their comrades to destroy a dark overlord and prevent him from destroying Equestria and the world after assasinating Celestia.


Japanese CastEdit

English CastEdit


  • Original Creators: Aaron Montalvo, Lauren Faust, Bonnie Zacherle, Hasbro
  • Planning: Toei Company, NI97/AR97 Studioworks
  • Original Story: Aaron Montalvo
  • Screenplay: Greg Weisman (English), Shoji Yonemura (Japanese)
  • Original Character Concept: Akira Amano
  • Character Design and Animation Director: Yoshiyuki Ito
  • Storyboard: Shigeto Koyama
  • Music: Kohei Tanaka, Shuhei Naruse
  • Music Production: Aniplex, Flying Dog
  • Producer: Masahiko Minami, Aaron Montalvo, Gyarmath Bogdan
  • Director: Takuya Igarashi
  • Animation Production: Toei Animation, Bones
  • Production Co-operation: Aniplex, ADK, Bandai Visual, Bones, Bushiroad, Dentsu, Takara Tomy, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, NI97/AR97 Studioworks, We've
  • Production: Toei, Project HU Code-Zero

English Dub CrewEdit

  • Produced and Licensed/Distributed by: Hollowfox Entertainment Inc.
  • Executive Producer: Aaron Montalvo
  • ADR Script/Voice Director/Producer: Jamie Simone, Matthew Skal
  • Recorded in: LA Studios, Studiopolis Inc, Ocean Productions Inc.
  • Broadcaster: NaruIchi97 Anitoku, NaruIchi97 Television, The Pony Network


  • Composed by Shuhei Naruse and Kohei Tanaka
  • Music Work: Aniplex, Flying Dog
  • Music Co-operation: Toei Animation Music Publishing