The list of episodes of Spirit Brony High.

Freshman ArcEdit

Episode Number Episode Title Plot Airdate
1 School Day Start In the near future, Magic Seed, son of Twilight Sparkle and Applejack, has been signed in to his first high school year after graduation in Middle School. Ivanna is aware that Magic Seed is her new classmate for the schoolyear. February 17, 2014
2 New Friendships, New Magical Feelings February 17, 2014
3 Shadow Mystery February 18, 2014
4 New Guy, Old Memories After a feud almost getting started with the new kid, known as Gleaming Flare (Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry's son), Principal Twilight sent her son to the main office, leading to know the whole story about how a young Twilight Sparkle in Canterlot High, gets her heart broken after Flash and Sunset started dating, but later on, moves on with Applejack after hanging out with him and her friends. February 18, 2014
5 Oh No! Corrupted Clubs! February 19, 2014
6 Discovery of The Tree February 19, 2014
7 A New Club February 20, 2014
8 February 20, 2014
9 Revelation February 21, 2014
10 Invasion February 21, 2014
11 Our Fate February 22, 2014
12 End of School Year Months Later, His way of never giving up in make-up exams and work led to pass the freshman year. February 22, 2014
13 End of School Year 2: The Recap When Magic Seed and the others are on vacation, they talked about how he spent months in the Freshman year and how Crystal Fear was defeated by the power of magical friendship. February 22, 2014

Sophomore ArcEdit


Junior ArcEdit


Senior ArcEdit