The Episodes of Harmony Unleashed: Human Ponidox Continuum Shift

Episode GuideEdit

Episode Number Episode Title Written by Episode Plot
Season One
1 Of Ponidoxes and Opposite Spells (ポニドックスと反対の呪文, Ponidokkusu to hantai no jumon) Yasuko Kobayashi After a strange orb arrived on the land of Equestria and Twilight used magic, The ponidox was unleashing on not only all the Equestria horse life forms but also humans from Earth. Which, Twilight's spell was randomly a gender change for 2 humanized ponies and a time skip on a humanized dragon.
2 Know your Friendships (あなたの友情を知っている, Anata no yūjō o shitte iru) Kimiko Ueno The Harmony Masters meet their humanized versions of the Mane Six, Courtney meets Human Twilight and were friends yet she was shocked that Human Twilight is the same Twilight on the pony form as well as her same form, same with Sandy and Human Applejack, Fluttershy and Isabella, and Ami and Human Pinkie Pie. As for Betty, she needs Chaz and Human Blitz to team up after being friends with Blitz. And Candace must do something to work out with Human Rarity.
3 Human and Animal Royalty (人間と動物のロイヤリティ, Ningen to dōbutsu no roiyariti) Michiko Yokote
4 Bronies Outside Fandoms Yet Spiritual (ファンダム外にの霊的ブロニ, Fan damu-gai ni no Reiteki buroni) Masashi Sogo
5 Fight Magic With Magic (魔法で魔法を戦う, Mahō de mahō o tatakau) Akatsuki Yamatoya Trixie returns to Ponyville and gets revenge with Twilight after her humilliation.
6 A Party to Live For (ために生きるパーティー, Tame ni ikiru pātī) Dai Sato & Ichiro Okouchi After Mr. and Mrs. Cake had gone into a tour to Earth for their business on Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie takes care of Sugarcube Corner all by herself. However, things get out of hand when she throws a big party that might lead her under the influence.
7 Clash of the Competitors (選手の衝突, Senshu no shōtotsu) Hiroshi Onogi
8 Solar-Lunar Curse Battle (太陽月呪いバトル, Taiyō tsuki noroi batoru) Yasuko Kobayashi & Toshiki Inoue
9 Love and Other Sparkling Gems (愛と他輝く宝石, Ai to hoka kagayaku hōseki) Yukie Sugawara & Yoji Enokido
10 A Multi-Rival's Comeback (マルチ ライバ ルカムバック, maruchi raibaru kamubakku) Toshiki Inoue
11 Arrival to Earth (地球に到着, Chikyū ni tōchaku) Michiko Yokote Twilight and the others built a portal to Earth but Discord and Chris McLean are trying to get in their way to Earth to live as humans.
12 Arise, Elements of Harmony! (ハーモニーのエレメント生じる!, Hāmonī no eremento shōjiru!) Kazuki Nakashima
13 Until We Meet Again (また会う日まで, Mataauhimade) Kazuki Nakashima
Season Two/2nd GIG
1 The Seventh and Eighth Element (7番目と8番目のエレメント, Nanatsu to yattsu no eremento) Yasuko Kobayashi & Kimiko Ueno After the Events of the first movie, The Elements of Harmony are not just Magic, Kindness, Laughter, Loyalty Honesty and Generosity, but also, Spike gained his own element: The Element of Nobility, which he was noble to their friends and protected them. And then, Aaron gained the other one: The Element of Courage, which despite his persona and thanks to his crazy, powerful, hyperactive and brave hotblooded soul, he was brave and indestructible yet young to never give up on their loved ones.
2 Love Confessions of a Shy Filly (内気牝の愛の告白, Uchiki mesu no ai no kokuhaku) Makoto Uezu Fluttershy admits to her friends that she is in love with Big Macintosh, which Applebloom did not know Fluttershy loves his brother and AppleJack was worried about it. but she must find a way to tell him how he feels when Big Mac is trying to survive on Everfree Forest after he left his siblings due to his sister/brother doubting about Fluttershy's not-so-secret relationship with Mac. When Fluttershy has gone to the Everfree Forest, Isabella, Apple Bloom, Aaron, Phineas and Applejack goes to find her and Big Macintosh until it's too late for both of them to be alive and found after Twilight teached Applejack a lesson in love. 
3 Lost and Found Friend and Sibling (遺失物友人と兄弟, Ishitsu-mono yūjin to kyōdai) Makoto Uezu After Applejack, Isabella, Phineas, Applebloom and Aaron struggle themselves finding in Everfree Forest and found Fluttershy and Big Macintosh. They take their home, safe, sound, and still alive. But, things get out of hand when a sea dragon tries to attack them.
4 Heart, Hoof and Love Triangulation (心臓、蹄と愛トライアンギュレーション, Shinzō, hidzume to ai toraiangyurēshon) Yuko Kakihara The Cutie Mark Crusaders have another Hearts and Hooves plan for a date for Fluttershy, Rarity, Spike and Big Macintosh, but things change when a love poison the four drank, their relationship changes when Fluttershy and Spike fall in love and Rarity and Big Mac fall in love, which the Cutie Mark Crusaders either regret their actions because of ignoring their lesson, or not caring because they probably hate the crack pairing "Fluttermac". It also involves the four into a love Triangle full of fights or chases or love.
5 Crystal Empire Confidentional/C.E. Confidential (C.E. コンフィデンシャル, Shii Ii Konfidensharu) Yosuke Kuroda Princess Cadence and Shining Armor, along with Twilight Sparkle and Courtney, must know the secrets behind the Crystal Empire involving the union of Cadance and Shining Armor, and knowing about past events involving the two, and where to find the hidden crystal heart to protect the Crystal ponies and restore hope for the empire. It's an alternate crossover prequel to Season 3 of Friendship Is Magic.
6 I.M. Back, Bitches! Ignatius Mortimer Meen's Return! (ただいま,ビッチ! アイエミン の リターン!, Tadaima Bicchi! Aiamin no Ritaan!) Shotaro Suga I.M. Meen, along with his wife Ophelia Chill, return, and now into the land of Equestria, and kidnaps Twilight, and It's up to AppleJack and the others to rescue Twilight and defeat I.M. Meen once and for all! (Guest Stars: Rikiya Koyama as I.M. Meen in the Japanese Dub, and Peter Berkrot in the English Dub)
7 Real Stallions of Genius (天才 の リアル スタリオン, Tensai no riaru sutarion) Yukito Kizawa
8 No Lesson, No Promotion (ありませレッスンなし、推進, Arimase ressun nashi, suishin) Sadayuki Murai Courtney and the others try to help Twilight with her friendship problems so she can write a friendship lesson to Princess Celestia.
9 Junki Takegami
10 Brony Cousins, or just Implying? (ブロニ カズンズ、または単に暗示?, Buroni Kazunzu, matawa tan'ni anji?) Keiko Nobumoto Aaron and Twilight tries to discover about if his cousins Adonis and Adrian are either bronies or just saying about the ponies. Aaron might be not sure if Adonis likes My Little Pony now that he is 12 years old.
11 Not Making Any Pinkie Sense (ピンキーの理屈になってない, Pinkī no rikutsu ni na~tsu tenai) Jukki Hanada Pinkie and Twilight investigates about Aaron's crazy little "world" inside his own room, leading the girls to his sub-conscious that involves some of his selves and other things happening inside his own mind.
12 The Crystal Empire's Fate (クリスタルエンパイア の 運命, Kurisutaru enpaia no unmei) Masashi Sogo After the destruction of King Sombra and the restoration to the Crystal Empire after a 1000 years, King Sombra ressurects and attacks the empire, and it's up to Aaron and his friends to defeat King Sombra and restore the Crystal Heart back to normal again.
13 All Crystal's Attack (オール クリスタル アタック, Ōru kurisutaru atakku) Masashi Sogo Twilight must struggle to restore the Crystal Heart back to normal while the others fight an evil force by King Sombra and the clonified Nightmare Moon, which, it came out of Luna's soul and turned into one person. Season Finale
Season Three/3rd STRIKE
1 A New Era's Beginning (新世紀 の 始まり, Shin seiki no hajimari) Yasuko Kobayashi A Year Later on Earth and Two Years Later on Equestria on the year 2013 In March 12th, After the end of the world did not happen as the Mayans predicted and after Christmas and New Year (After the events of the OVA), Two years have grown for the ponies in Equestria, and Aaron is 16 years old, while Twilight Sparkle, is now 19 years old and a princess alongside Celestia, but without leaving her friends behind. However, an unknown force stalks both Twilight and Aaron, which on the day of his birthday, he starts rampaging over his hometown, and while fighting him, he must survive until 10:00pm when he turns 16.
2 The Doctors Who Leap Through Time (時をかける ドクター, Toki wo kakeru dokutā) Ukyo Kodachi (Nitroplus) Doctor Whooves finds himself with the Eleventh and Tenth Doctor as they go through time to the year 1983, which is the year My Little Pony was born, with the help of Twilight Sparkle, Derpy Hooves, Aaron and Lisa Simpson. But suddenly
3 Dust of Vengeance (復讐のダスト, Fukushū no dasuto) Yasuyuki Muto
4 Keep Calm and Don't be a Gilda! (平静を保ち、ギルダはいけない!, Heisei o tamochi, giruda wa ikenai!) Makoto Uezu Gilda returns unexpectedly to Ponyville but she might not be friends with Dash anymore since the day Pinkie and Dash pranked her on a party she made to lighten up. But Fluttershy, finding that reforming her was Isabella's choice for Celestia (and better than reforming Discord), a bit fearlessly and with the help of Rainbow Blitz, Pinkie Pie and Isabella, they help her reform Gilda to become a good griffon girl. But, things get ugly while reforming her as she starts her rebellious attitude over them.
5 Best Pony Wars (ベスト ポニー ウォーズ, Besuto ponī u~ōzu) Keiko Nobumoto Aaron, Fluttershy and Twilight, worried about her friends' starting a war about who is best pony according to bronies, must put themselves to the test to stop what they were doing before anyone else is hurt or worse, dead and no big surprise.
6 Not Just Your Average and Usual Day (平均的なと通常の1日だけでなく, Heikin-tekinato tsūjō no Ichi-nichi dakedenaku) Jukki Hanada & Yosuke Kuroda Aaron and the rest, take their vacations after a school day, which, they are going to Day Spa, a spa located in Ponyville.
7 A Young Man's Determination (若い男の決意, Wakai otoko no ketsui) Ichiro Okouchi
8 Comatose (昏睡, Konsui) Ichiro Okouchi & Yoji Enokido After a battle with Iron Will, Sacrificing his life after the explosion, Spike got into a coma after the doctors try to cure him and bring him back to life, leading Rarity to be sad and suffering the loss of her love, while He is stuck on his own imagination with a younger version of his human self as well as his baby dragon self and his powerful dream Sir Spike form.
9 Not-So-Regularly Crossover Episode (ませので、普通のクロスオーバー·エピソード, Masenode, futsū no kurosuōbā· episōdo) Riku Sanjo Mordecai tries to tell Applejack the truth behind a crossover pairing on the internet known as "MordeTwi" when he becomes jealous of Mordecai and tries to destroy him, when Twilight and Mordecai said that they are not a couple.
10 Of Butlers and Dragons (執事とドラゴンズ, Shitsuji to doragonzu) Akatsuki Yamatoya Candace, tired from busting her brothers and failing too much, she needs relaxation but as he seen a Human and Dragon Spike as gentlemen, he not only needs Spike as a Butler, but Candace's chronological mare, Rarity as a maid. Which, it could be a pain in the flank for Rarity and Spike.
11 A Tale of 3 Pretty Men (3美少年男子の物語, San Bishonen Danshi no monogatari) Jukki Hanada
12 Old Schooled Chronicle (古い学校クロニクル, Furui gakkō kuronikuru) Naruhisa Arakawa As Aaron's headcanon for a MLP Chronicles prequel took the girls by surprise, Courtney, Twilight and the rest of the Masters found out that Lisa Simpson, Eliza Thornberry, Bubbles, Minnie Mouse, Kimi Finster and Dee Dee are the masters of the Generation 1 Ponies as resembling characters from the 90's shows that Aaron watched when he was a little kid.
13 Fate of Three Worlds (三つの世界の運命, Mittsu no sekai no unmei) Yasuko Kobayashi & Michiko Yokote
Season Four/Final Bronition
1 A Spark's Rising (スパークの上昇だ, Supāku no jōshōda) Yasuko Kobayashi
2 Save the Littlest Pet Shop or Die Trying (リトレストペットショップを保存するか、しようとして死ぬ, Ritoresuto petto shoppu o hozon suru ka, shiyou to shite shinu) Yoji Enokido Blythe Baxter and the Pets are having struggle on the Pet Shop after the Biskit twins have their powers to destroy her new hometown, until Twilight, Aaron and the resistance saved the shop. However, Aaron accepts Blythe and the pets' request to fight alongside them. Meanwhile, the twins are having desperate measures to go against the Littlest Pet Shop, As they join forces with Flim & Flam. As Blitz, Twi, Jack, Courtney, Betty, Sandy, Aaron and Blythe must put themselves to the test before the shop is "destroyed" in bad cider.
3 A Fistfull of Apples (りんごの握り, Ringo no nigiri) Shinichiro Watanabe & Michiko Yokote
4 Not Sure if Flirting is Magic, or just Being Sexy. (魔法の惹くわからないた場合 それともセクシーさ, Mahō no hiku wakaranaita baai Soretomo sekushī sa) Yukito Kizawa Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle goes on a double date with AppleJack and Rainbow Blitz, but they have to decide to get ready for an after-date sexy night. Then, Twilight and Pinkie both debate of who gets a better date with Blitz for Pinkie and Applejack for Twilight, then the competition gets sour like Blitz's and Applejack.
5 Attack of the Parasprites! (パラスプライトの攻撃!, Parasupuraito No kōgeki!) Katsuhiko Takayama
6 Yukie Sugawara
7 Yuichi Shinbo
8 Atsushi Nishigori (scenario), Kazuki Nakashima (screenplay)
9 Hiroshi Onogi
10 All-Out Standoff (オールアウトスタンドオフ, Ōruautosutandoofu) Jun Kumagai
11 A Faithful Teacher, Gone. (去りフェイスフル教師, Sari feisufuru kyōshi) Ichiro Okouchi & Kazuki Nakashima Celestia's Battle has gone tense against Discord, as he has gone overpowered against them, ending up in assasinating her with his chaotic powers, leading Twilight Sparkle to cry in sorrow over her death.
12 The Real Equestria War Begins! (本当エクエストリアの戦争は始まる!, Hontō Ekuestoria no sensō wa hajimaru!) Dai Sato & Kazuki Nakashima After the death of Celestia, the triumphant rebellion of Aaron and Twilight Sparkle having a sexual intercourse with Applejack, The gang prepares themselves for war against all villains to save Equestria, the Cartooniverse and the world. However, something celestial ressurected someone who was dead last time later on.
13 Goodbye, My Ponidox Friends... (さようなら、ポニドックス友達..., Sayōnara, Ponidokksu tomodachi...) Yasuko Kobayashi As they used their Super Guardian Forms, they defeated all villains and killed Discord, Then the orb comes again, to use her magic and bring back the humanized souls back to the pony bodies, which, it makes everybody sadden or saying their goodbyes to their human selves. But a possibility happens if their human incarnation ponidoxes were on Earth, but not returning to Equestria, as they become normal people. Series Finale
SP1 Pinkamena Uprising [Special Full Hour Episode] (ピンカミナ アップライジング, Pinkamina Appuraijingu) Katsuhiko Takayama
SP2 The Hasbro/Takara Tomy Multiverse Saga (タカラトミー マルチユニバース サーガ, Takara tomī maruchi yunibāsu sāga) Dai Sato & Yasuko Kobayashi After Stewie and Brian accidentally send the others into a universe where was a crossover between G.I. Joe and Transformers. The others must find out a way to return to their own universe as they join forces with the Joes and the Autobots, even the NEST. Aaron, Twilight, Stewie, Brian and the others team up with a Navy Crew and the Beyblade Metal Team to destroy an alien force while Stewie and Dexter tries to fix the Multiverse Portable Traveler (Guest Stars: Tomokazu Seki as Alex Hopper from Battleship in the Japanese Dub, and Savages' Taylor Kitsch in the English Dub)
SP3 The Extra Part 1: Reunion of Recaps Yasuko Kobayashi & Kimiko Ueno An special television film where they can recap all season's episodes and special events revolving the point of view towards Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Aaron, Courtney, and the others.
SP4 The Extra Part 2: Crystal Theatre Madness Yasuko Kobayashi & Ichiro Okouchi Part Two to The Extra, recounting the events of the film series that has semi-continuity in the television series as they are in a private home theatre in the Crystal Empire.
SP5 The Extra Part 3: Final Endings and Legacies Yasuko Kobayashi & Yoji Enokido Final Part to the Extra, Having a reunion and telling the final stories from the chapters of Final Bronition and the New Final Chapter, leading to a big surprise that might bring to the future of the Elements of Harmony as Twilight talks about legacies after her days of pregnancy started.
  • NOTE: AtomicRanger97 Network aired the first episodes before Toonami arrived on May 2012 as Universal and NI97/AR97ESI Released the english dub a month after a collaboration. Aired from May to September 2012.