Harmony Unleashed: Equestria Campus Supremacy
Animated series information
Genre: Science fantasy
Slice of life
Teen comedy
Format: Hybrid Anime/Cartoon Animated series
Created by: Hasbro
Bonnie Zacherle
Lauren Faust
Meghan McCarthy
Aaron Montalvo
Developed by: Aaron Montalvo
Greg Weisman
Trigger X Production I.G X Titmouse
Written by: Greg Weisman
Rob Renzetti
Joss Whedon
M.A Larson
Ken Pontac
Drew Goddard
Merriwether Williams
Nicole Dubuc
Jon Weisman
Scott Sonneborn
Alex Kurtzman
Roberto Orci
Brandon Auman
Charlotte Fullerton
Marsha Griffin
Marty Isenberg
Amy Keating Rogers (story draft)
Josh Haber
Christopher Yost
Michael Ryan
Alec Sulkin
Dave Polsky
Seth Grahame-Smith
Eddie Guzelian
Oren Uziel
Jed Elinoff & Scott Thomas
Nathan Long
Directed by: Hiroyuki Imaishi (General Director/Japanese Version Supervisor)
Hiroto Ishikawa (Japanese Version Director)
Jayson Thiessen (General Co- Director)
Juno Lee (Series Director)
Ishi Rudell (Series Co-Director)
Voice Cast: Tara Strong
Aaron Montalvo
Matt Hill/Bryce Papenbrook
Drew Nelson/Ben Diskin
Andrea Libman/Stephanie Sheh & Christine Marie Cabanos
Tabitha St. Germain/Cristina Vee & Carrie Keranen
Cathy Weseluck/Marianne Miller
Brad Swaile/Darrel Guilbeau
Nicole Oliver/Wendee Lee
Rebecca Shoichet/Lauren Landa
Vincent Tong/Vic Mignogna
John De Lancie
Music by: Bear McCreary
Mick Gordon
No. of Episodes: 26 (planned)
Duration of Episodes: 30 minutes
Produced by: Masahiko Otsuka
Rui Kuroki
Aaron Montalvo
Devon Cody
Ben Kalina
Ari Arad
Executive Producers: Thom Beers
Aaron Montalvo
Stephen Davis
Chris Prynoski
Kirsten Newlands
Avi Arad
Greg Weisman
Alex Kurtzman
Roberto Orci
Hideki Goto
Maki Terashima-Furuta

Mitsuhisa Ishikawa
Hiroaki Matsuura
Hideyuki Kachi
Koichiro Natsume
Kazumi Kawashiro
Shin Unozawa
Takaaki Kidani

Kantaro Tomiyama
Yuma Sakata
Animation Production: Trigger
Production I.G
Production Studio: Hasbro Studios
DHX Media
9Story Entertainment
Arad Productions
ActionFliks Media Group
AMPony Original Production
K/O Paper Products

Japanese Production:

TV Tokyo
Bandai Visual
Ultra Super Pictures
Bushiroad, Takara Tomy
Pony Canyon Enterprises
Kadokawa Pictures

Distributed by: FremantleMedia Enterprises
Aniplex/Bandai Visual (Japan)
Hollowfox Entertainment
Bushiroad/Aniplex of America (Streaming Release)
Network: AM-Pony
AM-Atomix (Toonami)
Series Premiere Date: June 19, 2015 (series premiere)
Original Run: June 19, 2015 - scheduled

Harmony Unleashed: Equestria Campus Supremacy (ハーモニーアンリーシュド エクエストリアキャンパススプレマシー, Hāmonīanrīshudo: ekuesutoriakyanpasusupuremashī) is an American-Japanese animated television series produced by Hasbro Studios, DHX Media, Arad Productions Inc., Aniplex, Kadokawa, Bandai Visual, Bushiroad, Ultra Super Pictures, Takara Tomy, AM-Pony, K/O Paper Products and Hollowfox Entertainment, with animation provided by Titmouse, Trigger and Production I.G.

The show is a spin-off of the Anthro Bunraku comic book/animated series mixed media franchise based on the Equestria Girls universe taking place in an alternate reality that derives from the original source material and it shares the same universe as the Anthro Bunraku universe.

The series is developed by Aaron Montalvo and Greg Weisman and is set to be started on April 3, 2015, with a 115-minute full length pilot telefilm on AM-Pony (and a Japanese theatrical release in May 2nd, 2014) alongside the Anthro Bunraku series finale films and a series premiere set to release in June 19 of the same year with an order of 26 episodes. The Japanese version is set to release the same day as North America as it is produced by Aniplex, Bandai Visual, Bushiroad and Takara Tomy and it will air on TV Tokyo, AT-X, BS Japan and TV Aichi. The dub will also stream on Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and Crunchyroll as co-licensed by Aniplex of America, which it also involves in the english version with both the TV Voicebox dub and the Streaming Bang Zoom! Dub.

The series is rated TV-14/TV-MA for pervasive language, strong violence, sexual themes and mature situations.



Due to the success of the Anthro Bunraku/Equestria Girls crossover mini-series, Hollowfox Entertainment and Hasbro Studios talked about a spin-off to the Anthro Bunraku series in the Equestria Girls Universe with the same crew that worked on the Anthro Bunraku animated series. Production I.G's Mitsuhisa Ishikawa and Arad Production's Avi Arad (who is also chairman of the American Production I.G branch) proposed Trigger X Titmouse to collaborate with them. Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci will be involved in the staff as writers and executive producers alongside Montalvo, Weisman and Arad. During development, Montalvo thought that Kurtzman and Orci's friendship died when they split up in the film industry, but Orci helped him realize that they are keeping their friendship alive by working together on TV shows such as Matador, Hawaii Five-O and Sleepy Hollow. Which the latter was his older brother's favorite show according to Montalvo, and he is glad that their friendship didn't die at all.

Montalvo described the series as an "parallel universe" similar to Anthro Bunraku in the Equestria Girls universe due to the idea of Applejack and Rainbow Dash being genderswapped in terms of subtle pairing situations and as a solution to Flash Sentry and Sunset Shimmer's reinstated relationship in the series, unlike in the official Equestria Girls spin-off film series universe. Montalvo stated: "Like in the Anthro Bunraku media franchise, We decided to make it realistic, even though the setting based on Equestria Girls is very stereotypical for bronies who, no offense, are contradicting themselves if they liked Kill la Kill for its dystopian High School setting done right in a crazy way or Adventure Time for its romantic episodes that the next episode isn't a continuity of another and have realistic character development." The genderbent of Dash and Jack, could be the same reason as for the development of the Anthro Bunraku comic book and HPCS series due to his fear about homophobic bronies and their statement about Rainbow Dash not being a lesbian, canon or not.

Bang Zoom! Entertainment co-operates for the post production of the series alongside Voicebox Productions, and announced to have a different english dub exclusively for streaming services like Hulu and Netflix (also releasing the television dub uncensored) with Tara Strong, John De Lancie, Eric Bauza, Aaron Montalvo and other American/American-Canadian Voice Actors keeping their roles while it will include a new cast that consisted voice actors reprising roles from shows from Harmony Unleashed produced by either Studiopolis, NYAV Post or Bang Zoom! Studios.

Montalvo describes the series as:

"Gintama meets Young Justice in terms of action comedies, Persona 4 meets Digimon Frontier in terms of romance, friendship and super powers, All meets Equestria Girls in terms of having an alternate reality with different writing, themes and pacing than the ones Bronies tend to lose faith in humanity for."


Taking place in a parallel universe separate from, but similar to the Equestria Girls universe and shared with the Anthro Bunraku universe (hence a spin-off from the AB series), The new student, Jasper Geronimo, who was a young teenager coming from a hispanic state known as Equinedor (a ponified version of Aaron’s birth home country, Ecuador) enters Canterlot High School and meets new friends who reminds him of the Mane Six. Twilight Sparkle, a smart girl and a studious, friendly and determined person, Applejack, a dependable, honest, hard-working but sometimes stubborn and hotheaded farm boy, Rainbow Blitz, a radical athlete (yet being an anti-jock) and loyal guy, Pinkie Pie, an energetic and hyperactive party-loving, fun-loving and cake-making girl, Rarity, a lady-like fashionista and the generous type, Fluttershy, a sweet and kind girl who cares about animals and the environment, and Spike, Twilight Sparkle’s adoptive brother with a pet as a puppy of the same name and same personality of a clueless, often self-centered, and yet friendly and noble person. As Principal Celestia knows the truth behind the magic, as jasper found out about its magical powers, she might fear that chaos will affect Canterlot High School because some certain evil found out too, she assembles Jasper and his friends to be the protectors of the Equestrian States. While living everyday lives as normal teenagers, they are dedicated to use weapons within their magic to defeat evil.


Character English Cast (TV) English Cast (Streaming) Japanese Cast Latin Spanish Cast
Jasper Geronimo Aaron Montalvo Yuki Kaji Memo Aponte Jr.
Twilight Sparkle Tara Strong Aya Hirano Carla Castañeda
Spike Brad Swaile (Human)
Cathy Weseluck (Dog)
Darrel Guilbeau (Human)
Marianne Miller-Billany (Dog)
Noriaki Sugiyama (Human)
Sachi Kokuryu (Dog)
Eduardo Garza (Human)
Cecilia Gómez (Dog)
Applejack Matt Hill Tetsuya Kakihara
Mitsuki Saiga (Young)
Victor Ugarte
Emiliano Ugarte (Young)
Ashleigh Ball (Young) Debi Derriberry (Young)
Rainbow Blitz Drew Nelson Benjamin Diskin Ryota Osaka Moises Ivan Mora
Pinkie Pie Andrea Libman Stephanie Sheh Aya Suzaki Melissa Gedeon
Rarity Tabitha St. Germain Christina Vee Aki Toyosaki Elsa Covian
Fluttershy Andrea Libman Christine Marie Cabanos Aoi Yuki Lupita Leal
Principal Celestia Nicole Oliver Wendee Lee Kikuko Inoue Dulce Guerrero
Vice-Principal Luna Tabitha St. Germain Carrie Keranen Ami Koshimizu Leyla Rangel
Counselor Discord John De Lancie Yosuke Akimoto Enrique Cervantes
Flash Sentry Vincent Tong Vic Mignogna Masakazu Morita Javier Olguín
Sunset Shimmer Rebecca Shoichet Lauren Landa Ayumi Fujimura Circe Luna
Shining Armor Andrew Francis Roger Craig Smith Mamoru Miyano José Antonio Macías
Twilight Velvet Lisa Ann Beley Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Kotono Mitsuishi María Fernanda Morales
Night Light Sparkle Eric Bauza Keiji Fujiwara Mario Arivizu
Cadance Britt McKillip Kira Buckland Haruka Tomatsu Romina Marroquín Payró
Apple Bloom Michelle Creber Lara Jill Miller Kaori Ishihara Susana Moreno
Babs Seed Brynna Drummond Sarah Williams Hisako Kanemoto Nycolle González
Sweetie Belle Claire Corlett Cherami Leigh Yukari Tamura Carolina Ayala
Scootaloo Madeleine Peters Laura Bailey Aki Kanada Roxana Pastrana
Big Macintosh Peter New Matthew Mercer Katsuyuki Konishi Hector Moreno
Granny Smith Tabitha St. Germain Mona Marshall Masako Nozawa Diana Alonso
Trixie Lulamoon Kathleen Barr Cassandra Lee Kaori Mizuhashi Hiromi Hayakawa
Braeburn Michael Daingerfield Todd Haberkorn Kaito Ishikawa Benjamin Rivera
Little Strongheart Erin Matthews Erica Mendez Eri Kitamura Monserrat Mendoza
Chief Thunderhooves Scott McNeil Kaiji Tang Banjo Ginga Humberto Solorzano
Cheerilee Nicole Oliver Philece Sampler Megumi Han Rosalba Sotelo
Derpy Hooves Tabitha St. Germain Grey DeLisle Yurin Leyla Rangel
Lyra Heartstrings Brittany Wilson Melissa Fahn Asami Yoshida Andrea Orozco
Sweetie "Bon Bon" Drops Andrea Libman Sandy Fox Yumi Uchiyama Paula Arias
Time Turner Brian Drummond Avan Jogia Ryou Kuratomi Arturo Catano
Steven Magnet Lee Tockar Chris Pratt Hiroshi Iwasaki Moises Ivan Mora
Octavia Melody Kazumi Evans Eileen Montgomery Minami Takayama Liliana Barba
Vinyl "DJ PON-3" Kelly Sheridan Jessi Nowack Yui Ishikawa Cristina Hernandez
Spitfire Kelly Metzger Michelle Ruff Asami Seto Gabriela Guzman
Soarin' Matt Hill Grant George Koki Uchiyama Carlos Hernandez
Fleetfoot Shannon Chan-Kent Julie Ann Taylor Rumi Okubo Hiromi Hayakawa
Bulk Biceps Michael Dobson Patrick Seitz Tessho Genda Salvador Reyes
Cheese Sandwich Weird Al Yankovich Tomokazu Seki Ricardo Silva
Coco Pommel Cathy Weseluck Kate Higgins Ai Kayano Angelica Villa
Moon Dancer Kazumi Evans Courtenay Taylor Kanako Kondo
Minuette Cathy Weseluck Brina Palencia Ikumi Nakagami Carolina Ayala
Lemon Hearts Ashleigh Ball Jennifer Hale Sora Amamiya
Twinkleshine Brenna O'Brien Xanthe Hunyh Yumi Uchiyama Maggie Vera
Iron Will Trevor Devall Richard Epcar Akio Otsuka Miguel Angel Ghligiazza
Maud Pie Ingrid Nilson Knimilh Tran Miyuki Sawashiro Jessica Ortiz
Blueblood Vincent Tong Kirk Thornton Tomokazu Sugita Idzi Dutkiewics
Mayor Mare Cathy Weseluck Laura Post Mami Horikoshi Alma Delia Perez
Gilda Maryke Hendrikse Akeno Watanabe Rossy Aguirre
Double Diamond Brian Drummond Bobby Thong Shintaro Asanuma Sergio Morel
Sugar Belle Rebecca Shoichet Mela Lee Juri Kimura Jocelyn Robles
Night Glider Rebecca Shoichet Kath Soucie Sachika Misawa Jahel Morga
Party Favor Samuel Vincent Chris Niosi Takuma Terashima Gerardo Velazquez
Chrysalis Kathleen Barr Erika Harlacher Romi Park Irina Indigo
Altima Skrein Adam DeVine Shuhei Sakaguchi Alejandro Mayen
Adagio Dazzle Kazumi Evans Dorothy Elias-Fahn Rumi Okubo Diana Alonso
Starshine Gleam Aidan Drummond Bryce Papenbrook Shinji Kawada Manuel Campuzano
Sonata Dusk Maryke Hendrikse Shelby Lindley Ryoko Nagata Hiromi Hayakawa
Ouvertis Grandioso Cole Hanson Dante Basco Hikaru Midorikawa Daniel Lacy
Suri Polomare Janyse Jaud Rachel Ramras Sayaka Ohara Isabel Romo
Thunder Dust Matthew Erickson David Vincent Kenji Nojima Alan Prieto
Sour Sweet Brianne Sidall Yuka Fujiwara
Lemon Zest Amanda C. Miller Chie Nakamura
Indigo Zap Nana Mizuki
Sunny Flare Erii Yamazaki
Sugarcoat Ayane Sakura
King Sombra Jim "Big Jim" Miller Crispin Freeman Norio Wakamoto Dan Osorio
Lord Tirek Mark Acheson Patrick Seitz Takuya Kimura Victor Hugo Aguilar


Main article: Harmony Unleashed: Equestria Campus Supremacy/Episodes

There will be a total of 26 episodes per season. In SDCC'14 on the Harmony Unleashed Showcase Panel, Montalvo confirmed that the show's project will start in April of 2015 with a movie releasing in North America in the week of Easter/Spring Break and in Japan during Golden Week. The films will be released by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, while the TV show is distributed by FremantleMedia Enterprises, except in Japan. Which it will be released by Kadokawa Pictures and Aniplex.

International AiringsEdit

  • Japan - AM-Bushidox, TV Tokyo, AT-X, BS Japan, TV Aichi, Animax, NicoNico
  • United States - AM-Pony, AM-Atomix, AM-Stream, Hulu, Netflix, Crunchyroll
  • Canada - My Little Jetstream, Teletoon (Teletoon At Night), Telétoon (Telétoon la Nuit), Hulu, Netflix
  • Europe - E4 (United Kingdom, Ireland), FOX Animation (Italy)
  • Latin America - PonyCanal, MTV, Netflix
  • Asia - Animax (South Asia), Okto (Singapore)
  • Australia - ABC3


  • Japan - R15+
  • United States - TV-14, TV-MA
  • Canada - 14+
  • Latin America - B
  • Australia - M
  • United Kingdom/Ireland - 18


Comics and MangaEdit

Oni Press will collaborate with Hollowfox Entertainment and Hasbro to publish the comics for Equestria Campus Supremacy. The show's writing crew will collaborate with Joe Kelly from the Man of Action crew and Katie Cook from the MLP comics with illustrations by Rob "Robaato" Porter from the Bravo-chan portion of the Bravoman webcomics by ShiftyLook. The comics will be launched in August 2015.

A seinen manga adaptation illustrated by Atsushi Nishigori and written by Kazuki Nakashima and Aaron Montalvo will be published in Young Ace at Kadokawa Shoten in August 2015 alongside the Japanese version's release. Kadokawa will also translate the Oni Press/Hasbro comic book series. Greg Weisman promised spin-off comics from the series as well as crossovers after the announcement of continuing the Anthro Bunraku series with prequels to a possible sequel and alternate universes by other people (except the animated series' creative team) despite the animated series' ending.


The Equestria Campus Supremacy films are distributed by Twentieth Century Fox and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer with a partnership with Ivanna Hollowfox Motion Pictures Distribution, (as part of the series' distributor, FremantleMedia) and Aniplex of America with Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum, Vanessa Morrison and Frank Scherma as co-executive producers with Hiroe Tsukamoto as co-producer.

Main article: Harmony Unleashed: Equestria Campus Supremacy (film series)

Welcome to Canterlot HighEdit

The animated series project will start with an 115-minute pilot film called "Welcome to Canterlot High", the telefilm is directed by Juno Lee & Jayson Thiessen, written by Greg Weisman, Aaron Montalvo, Joss Whedon & Rob Renzetti and it will be airing on AM-Pony in April 2015 in North America and Japan, and Internationally in May. The film is licensed by Ivanna Hollowfox Motion Pictures Distribution with distribution by FremantleMedia, Kadokawa, MGM Studios and Twentieth Century Fox.

Untitled feature film

Potential CrossoversEdit

Potential Crossover films with WWE and Transformers


Potential Live-Action FilmEdit

Aaron Montalvo talked about having a Live action film based on the animated television series, which unlike the main film series, the film will take another place similar to the settting in the series. Twentieth Century Fox and MGM is chosen to be part of the film's production and Hideaki Anno is chosen to be the film's director and producer alongside Montalvo and Avi Arad. Since the rumors of the french EQG IP, Equestria Academy to be set to release in France, Luc Besson and EuropaCorp joins production as a joint venture with Studio Khara, Arad Productions, Kadokawa Pictures and Hollowfox Entertainment, which the new film series will be inspired by Equestria Academy and set in the ECS universe. He announced that K/O Paper Products will not be involved in the film's production due to the partnership split of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

In November 2014, The animation sequence for the ECS world will be in anime-style and Atsushi Nishigori is set to be the film's sequence director and character designer with Kazuya Tsurumaki and Yoh Yoshinari as animation directors and produced by Trigger, Production I.G and Khara.

Anime Spin-off Series: Magical ShardsEdit

Main article: Harmony Unleashed: Equestria Campus Supremacy - Magical Shards

Before the release of the anime series, Aniplex and Bandai Visual announced that there will be making an alternate canon anime OVA series for a 2016 release. The project consist of an OVA series with direction and character designs by Atsushi Nishigori (The Idolmaster, Gurren Lagann), and Masahiko Otsuka (Gurren Lagann, Little Witch Academia) will be the head writer alongside Kazuki Nakashima (Kamen Rider Fourze, Kill la Kill) as he will write the story alongside Aaron Montalvo, which he'll supervise the story and is the general executive producer alongside Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, Otsuka and Avi Arad (Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, The Amazing Spider-Man). Hiroyuki Imaishi (Kill la Kill, Oval x Over), Jayson Thiessen (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic), Greg Weisman (Rain of the Ghosts, Star Wars Rebels) and Kora Kosicka (Littlest Pet Shop, Equestria Girls) will be the planning supervisors, and Hiroyuki Sawano (Attack on Titan, Aldnoah.Zero), Yuki Kajiura (Sword Art Online, Madoka Magica) and TeddyLoid (Mekakucity Actors, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt) will provide the music. The anime project will start with Crimson Cross set for a 2016 release during the run of Season 2 of the show.

Shared UniverseEdit

During the planning of the series and its success with the Anthro Bunraku/Equestria Girls crossover, Aaron Montalvo was inspired by Greg Berlanti's DC television universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in terms of having shared universes, and he created many stories. He became the creative consultant of the shared universe and will bring more stories shared in the same universe. Montalvo asked himself about what would happen if Equestria Girls, Friendship Is Magic and Littlest Pet Shop shared its universe together due to Kora Kosicka being involved as character design for two shows and a film series.

Harmony Unleashed: Anthro BunrakuEdit

During the panel for the announcement of the series, it is confirmed that they greenlighted on a third Anthro Bunraku X Equestria Girls movie that includes ECS characters known as the "ABXEG Triple Threat Project" as well as a special 2-part episode of an ECS/AB crossover.

Littlest Pet Shop: Blythe XEdit

Prior to the ending of the Anthro Bunraku television series and the release of Equestria Campus Supremacy, Hasbro Studios and Hollowfox Entertainment announced a non-Harmony Unleashed related spin-off taking place in the same universe as Equestria Campus Supremacy and Anthro Bunraku based on the Littlest Pet Shop television series with Dallas Parker (Littlest Pet Shop), Simon Kinberg (CHAPPiE, X-Men: Days of Future Past), Adam Beechen (HiHi Puffy AmiYumi) and Drew Goddard (Daredevil, Sinister Six) involved as executive producers, with Beechen and Montalvo as show developers. While Titmouse is becoming involved in animation and unlike Equestria Campus Supremacy, the show will be co-animated by Ordet and Wit Studio with Parker and Yutaka Yamamoto as supervising director alongside series director Ishi Rudell.

Montalvo also talked about the possibility of a future potential crossover between both Blythe X and Equestria Campus Supremacy.

RBSU: ReBelle Soul Ultimatum Edit

Aaron Montalvo talked about making a series set in the same universe as Blythe X, Anthro Bunraku and Equestria Campus Supremacy having both Nerf ReBelle and FurReal Friends elements. However, it is claimed to be with an original story and original characters. Montalvo, Justin Lin and Chris Morgan will be the developers and executive producers, with Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein as co-executive producers. Studio Mir, Sanzigen and Xebec are announced as the animation production for this series with Joaquim Dos Santos as supervising director.


  • Music Composed by: Bear McCreary, Mick Gordon
  • Music Supervisor/Executive Producers: Steffan Andrews, William Anderson
  • Music Work: Aniplex, Flying Dog, King Records
  • Music Co-operation: TV Tokyo Music, Sparks and Shadows

Opening ThemesEdit

Ending ThemesEdit

Music Group: PoniGArlzEdit

During the production of the series, creator and executive producer Aaron Montalvo, Japanese localization director Hiroto Ishikawa and SonyMusic Japan producer Keiichi Tonumura has plans for an all-girls idol music group for the soundtrack of the series consisted of 5 female members, Aya Hirano as Twilight Sparkle, Aki Toyosaki as Rarity, Aoi Yuki as Fluttershy, Ayumi Fujimura as Sunset Shimmer and Aya Suzaki as Pinkie Pie.





  • Supervising Producers/Developed for Television by:
    • Aaron Montalvo & Greg Weisman
  • Executive Producers:
    • Aaron Montalvo
    • Greg Weisman
    • Roberto Orci
    • Alex Kurtzman
    • Avi Arad
    • Jayson Thiessen
  • Characters Created by:
    • Lauren Faust & Meghan McCarthy
  • Based upon Hasbro’s My Little Pony Franchise Created by: Bonnie Zacherle
  • Original Story: Aaron Montalvo
  • Story Editor: Greg Weisman & Rob Renzetti
  • Executive Story Editor: Joss Whedon
  • Japanese Scenario: Kazuki Nakashima
  • Original Character Design/Character Design Co-operation: Kora Kosicka
  • Character Design:
    • Rebecca Dart
    • Nicole Gauss
    • Josh Tin
    • John Keane
  • Sub-Character Design:
    • Yoh Yoshinari
    • Atsushi Nishigori
    • Shigeto Koyama
  • Chief Animation Directors:
    • Jayson Thiessen
    • McKenzie Kerman
  • Key Animators:
    • Tim Stuby
    • McKenzie Kerman
    • Akira Amemiya
    • Adam Aubin
  • Mecha Design:
    • Atsushi Takeuchi
    • Brandon Cuellar
    • Sushio
  • Background/Prop Design:
    • Angela Sung
    • Chris Mizzoni
  • Storyboard:
    • Sabrina Alberghetti
    • David Vandervoort
    • Mizuho Nishikubo
  • Art Directors:
    • Yoh Yoshinari
    • Ridd Sorensen
  • Editor:
    • Mark Kuehnel
    • Julie Ann Lau
  • Sound Director:
    • Masafumi Mima
    • Todd Araki
  • Voice Director:
    • Terry Klassen
  • Music by:
    • Bear McCreary
    • Mick Gordon
  • Music Supervisors:
    • William Kevin Anderson
    • Steffan Andrews
  • Music Production:
    • Aniplex
    • Flying Dog
    • King Records
  • Music Production Co-operation:
    • Sparks and Shadows
    • TV Tokyo Music
  • Co-Executive Producers:
    • Thom Beers
    • Stephen Davis
    • Chris Prynoski
    • Kirsten Newlands
    • Hideki “Henry” Goto
    • Heather Kadin
    • Maki Terashima-Furuta
  • Producers:
    • Ari Arad
    • Aaron Montalvo
    • Devon Cody
    • Hiroe Tsukamoto
  • Japanese Version Producer: Yoshikazu Kuretani (TV Tokyo)
  • Line Producers:
    • Masahiko Otsuka
    • Rui Kuroki
    • Ben Kalina
  • International Licensing: Yosuke Kodaka
  • Marketing and Promotion: Emmanuel Rivera
  • Animation Production: Trigger X Titmouse X Production I.G
  • Animation Co-operation: Top Draw Animation
  • Series Director:
    • Juno Lee
    • Ishi Rudell
  • Supervising Directors: Hiroyuki Imaishi & Jayson Thiessen
  • 原案/開発:
    • グレッグ·ワイズマン
    • アーロン·モンタルボ
  • 製作総指揮:
    • グレッグ·ワイズマン
    • アーロン·モンタルボ
    • アヴィ·アラッド
    • アレックス·カーツマン
    • ロベルト·オーチー
    • ジェイソン·ティーセン
  • 創造者 [My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic/Equestria Girls]:
    • ローレン·ファウスト
    • メーガン·マッカーシー
  • 原作:
    • ハスブロ
    • ボニー·ザックアール
  • ストーリー原案: アーロン·モンタルボ
  • シリーズ構成:
    • グレッグ·ワイズマン
    • ロブ·レンゼッティ
    • ジョス・ウィードン (協力)
  • 日本語版脚本設定: 中島 かずき
  • キャラクター原案/キャラクターデザイン協力:コラ・コシツカー
  • キャラクターデザイン:
    • レベッカ·ダーツ
    • ニコール·ガウス
    • ジョシュ·ティン
    • ジョン·キーン
  • サブキャラクターデザイン:
    • 錦織敦史
    • 吉成曜
    • コヤマシグト
  • 総作画監督:
    • ジェイソン·ティーセン
    • マッケンジー·ケルマーン
  • 作画監督:
    • ティム・スタビー
    • マッケンジー・ケルマーン
    • 雨宮哲
    • アダム·オービン
  • メカデザイン:
    • 竹内淳
    • ブランドン・キューラー
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  • 背景デザイン:
    • アンジェラ·ソン
    • クリス・ミゾニー
  • 絵コンテ:
    • 西久保瑞穂
    • サブリーナー・アルバーゲッティ
    • デイビッド・バンデブット
  • 美術監督:
    • 吉成曜
    • リッド・ソレンセン
  • 編集:
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    • ジューリー・アン・ラウ
  • 音声監督:
    • トッド·荒木
    • 三間雅文
  • 音楽:
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    • ミック·ゴードン
  • 音楽監修:
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    • テファン·アンドリュース
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  • 音楽制作協力:
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  • 企画:
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    • 大塚雅彦
    • 木谷高明
    • 富山勘太郎
    • 川城和美
    • 岩上敦宏
    • 坂田雄馬
    • 松浦裕暁
    • 鵜之澤伸
    • 佐藤達夫
    • 平岡利介 (テレビ東京)
    • 井上裕香子
    • 重村博文
  • 歌唱演出: 市之瀬洋一
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  • 翻訳: 辺見真起子
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  • 録音 - スタジオアオイ
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    • 電通
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Aniplex Dub Production:

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