The List of Episodes of the Animated adaptation of the Anthro Bunraku comic book series airing on The Pony Network.


There will be 13-24 episodes per seasons. And airs every friday night on The Pony Network at 9:30pm as of January 4th. As of September 20, 2013, Aniplex of America, Shout! Factory and Hasbro Studios will be distributing the Anthro Bunraku animated series for streaming the episodes at Hulu (bilingual and simulcast [Starting with S2, English Language]) and Crunchyroll (Japanese dubbed with Simulcast same time as Japan) and Netflix (releasing all complete seasons)

Episodes (Anthro Bunraku)Edit

No. Title Writer Airdate
Season 1
1 HU:AB The Animation Episodes 1-2: Equestria's Finest (Part One)
The Beginning of a Magical Adventure! The Elements of Harmony are at Hand or Hoof!
(マジカルアドベンチャーのはじまり!エレメント・オブ・ハーモニーは、手や蹄にある!, Majikaruadobenchā no hajimari! Eremento obu hamonii wa,-te ya hizume ni aru!)
Aaron Montalvo & Meghan McCarthy December 12, 2012
Princess Celestia assembled a team of six anthro ponies involving in their friendship with each other, as they have searched for the Elements of Harmony, and with the elements, they must fight an unknown alien pony swordsmare, looking like an Oni named Kyuzat.
2 HU:AB The Animation Episodes 1-2: Equestria's Finest (Part Two)
Kyuzat Arrives! An Evil Force to Destroy the Six Warriors!
(キューザット 到着!六戦士を破壊する悪フォース!, Kyuuzatto Tōchaku! Roku senshi o hakai suru aku fōsu!)
Aaron Montalvo & Meghan McCarthy December 12, 2012
3 TBA January 4, 2013
4 TBA January 11, 2013
5 TBA January 18, 2013
6 TBA January 25, 2013
7 TBA February 1, 2013
8 Applion to Timber
Protect the Zap Apples! Apple Family's Worst Threat!
(ザップアップルを守れ! アップル家族の最悪の脅威!, Zappuappuru o mamore! Appuru kazoku no saiaku no kyōi!)
February 8, 2013
9 H&H: A Better Love Story
Cheerilee's Special Somepony Isn't Big Mac! Valentine's Daybreak!
(チアリーの特別ないくつポニービッグマッキ大きくはありません!バレンタインデイ!, Chiarī no tokubetsuna ikutsu ponībiggumakki ōkiku wa arimasen! Barentaindei!)
February 15, 2013
10 TBA February 22, 2013
11 TBA March 1, 2013
12 TBA March 8, 2013
13 TBA March 15, 2013
14 Return of the BBBFF and the Crystal Princess
A Visit from the Crystal Empire! Shining and Cadance on the Scene!
(クリスタルエンパイアからの訪問!シャイニングとシーンにケイデンス!, Kurisutaruenpaia kara no hōmon! Shainingu to shīn ni keidensu!)
April 12, 2013
Twilight Sparkle is excited to meet her older brother visiting Ponyville
15 Crystal Clear Smackdown
The Evil Crystal Minions! Shining Armor, Don't Die on Us!
April 19, 2013
16 TBA April 26, 2013
17 TBA May 3, 2013
18 A Dragon's Sacrifice

Spike's Last Stand! Protect your Lover, You Bastard!
(スパイクのラストスタンド!あなたのラバーを守るため、この野郎!, Supaiku no rasutosutando! Anata no rabā o mamoru tame, kono yarō!)

May 10, 2013
19 TBA May 17, 2013
20 TBA May 24, 2013
21 A Wonderbolt's Betrayal
Rage, Obsession and Hatred! Fleetfoot vs. Fluttershy!
(怒り、執着と憎悪!フリートフット対フラッターシャイ!, Ikari, shūchaku to zōo! Furītofutto tai furattāshai!)
May 31, 2013
After Fleetfoot's jealousy over Fluttershy being praised by the Wonderbolts team and being in a relationship with Big Macintosh, Fleetfoot ragequits the Wonderbolts to get revenge on Fluttershy for "ruining her life". Fluttershy must confess her feelings to Big Macintosh since for so long they have been together as friends.
22 June 7, 2013
23 Ponyville's Going Down (Part One)
Terrorism In Ponyville! The Mayor Mare has Been Abducted!
Meghan McCarthy & Aaron Montalvo June 14, 2013
24 Ponyville's Going Down (Part Two)
This Is The Final Straw! The Elements of Harmony Grow Stronger!
Meghan McCarthy & Aaron Montalvo June 21, 2013


NOTE: This is Meghan McCarthy's final episode being written in the TV Show before her departure to work on Season 4 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and after working on Equestria Girls.

Season 2
1 Homecoming (Part One) Rob Renzetti & Aaron Montalvo November 22, 2013
Twilight Sparkle returns home after a vacation with Rarity and Spike at the Crystal Empire. Some have changed a bit, others did not, but a feeling made by Twilight led her and her friends to discover a mystery leading to Kyuzat's imminent return.
2 Homecoming (Part Two) Rob Renzetti & Aaron Montalvo November 22, 2013
3 The Disappearance of Rainbow Blitz Charlotte Fullerton November 29, 2013
Pinkie Pie, saddened over Blitz' departure from Ponyville when he was deserted to the Everfree Forest, seeks help with Twilight and her friends, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders to find Blitz. Rainbow Blitz must witness dark pegasi that are commanded by Kyuzat and the Shadowbolts. After she found Blitz, Pinkie takes things seriously and confesses her feelings for him, even though it is too soon or he might not be ready for love as she implies.
4 TBA December 6, 2013
5 TBA December 13, 2013
6 Blizzard of Vanquishment Michael Ryan December 20, 2013
After a century of absence and vanishment, the frozen blizzard horses invade Ponyville and nearly took it over. Twilight and her friends celebrate Hearth's Warming Eve with a party planned and made by Pinkie Pie herself, but the blizzard ruins the party at Sugarcube Corner. When an army tries to attack some of the survivors of the land, Twilight and her friends must fight them with their weapons while they can find the way to unleash the heat of Love and Friendship Bonds.
7 No Longer a Sidekick? Brandon Auman January 17, 2014
Spike was excited about the new Power Ponies origin story comic book about how Humdrum ascended from a sidekick to a superhero ally. After Twilight Sparkle witnessed that Spike got sucked into the comic book, Twilight and the others must go into the book, not only to defeat a mechanic supervillain and find Spike, but also to promote him from a sidekick to an ally of the Power Ponies renamed as "Boilerplate".

NOTE: This airs the same day as the Episode 8 back to back, considering it a "Returning for Fanservice" shift for the series after an one-month hiatus. It's an episode re-imagining the season 4 episode "Power Ponies"

Special Guest: Stan Lee and Joss Whedon (cameo)

8 I Dream of Dusk Shine Rebecca Sugar January 17, 2014
Twilight Sparkle, after studying the anatomy of gender switch from a book during the night, Twilight has a dream when she became a colt as Dusk Shine is in the same world when they changed genders. Dusk is aware that in that world, Applejack and Rainbow Dash are in their original genders.

NOTE: This airs the same day as the Episode 7 back to back, considering it a "Returning for Fanservice" shift for the series after an one-month hiatus. It is also a Fionna and Cake-esque episode, hence Sugar's involvement.

9 TBA January 24, 2014
10 TBA January 31, 2014
11 TBA February 7, 2014
12 Feelings Greg Weisman & Dave Polsky February 14, 2014
Twilight Sparkle has many thoughts about Applejack about what might happen if their friendship transformed into romance, which she might keep her secret about having feelings for Applejack while trying to help his family with the Apple Harvest to make Cider to go on sales. Suddenly, trouble happened when a group of bikers and a leader named Mad Blood-E sabotages Sweet Apple Acres and tries to steal both the cider and the apples from the trees.

NOTE: The episode is for Valentine's Day and it also contains a sneak preview of Harmony Unleashed: Cutie Doll Fighters during and after the show.

Special Guest: Steve "Stone Cold" Austin as Mad Blood-E.

13 Double Planned Epic Birthday Aaron Montalvo (story)
Amy Keating Rogers & Jeff Tremaine (teleplay)
February 21, 2014
Cheese Sandwich (Weird Al Yankovich) visits Ponyville to help Rainbow Blitz plan the best and yet fun and epic birthday party for Pinkie Pie's birthday. As Pinkie's former parents visit Sugarcube corner for the big celebration, Blitz and Sandwich must do the impossible to avoid trouble with her long distance parents after he had the idea to have Blitz as the birthday pony's sexy Chippendale dancer.

NOTE: As the episode is not adapting from a chapter from a comic book due to Cheese Sandwich's appearance being recently a few weeks ago since Pinkie Pride, the episode is the first to be animated series exclusive.

Special Guest: Weird Al Yankovich as Cheese Sandwich

14 TBA February 28, 2014
15 TBA March 7, 2014
16 TBA March 14, 2014
17 TBA March 21, 2014
18 TBA March 28, 2014
19 TBA April 4, 2014
20 TBA April 11, 2014
21 Trot Along If You Dare Greg Weisman & M.A. Larson April 18, 2014
Fluttershy must try to reform Discord while trying her best to not ruin her bonds of romantic friendship with Big Macintosh, as she has the idea for both of them to get along.
22 Kyuzat's Ambition Marty Isenberg April 25, 2014
Celestia commanded Discord as he tries to find Kyuzat after he is trying to revive someone familiar from 30 years ago. Kyuzat's alien powers wants Tirek to be revived and he commands him to destroy Ponyville, Canterlot and all of Equestria before the Mane Six and Spike try to stop them, or Maybe Discord.
23 Six Ponies of the Aponycalypse (Part One) Joss Whedon May 23, 2014
As Tirek came back from the dead, he summoned the six ponies of the Aponycalypse to wreck havoc on Ponyville. Twilight Sparkle must complete a spell that Starswirl didn't complete, while thinking about how she learned throughout the years since she moved to Ponyville years ago.
24 Six Ponies of the Aponycalypse (Part Two) Joss Whedon May 23, 2014
Twilight Sparkle, as she transformed into an alicorn princess, she must help her friends defeat the Six Ponies and send Tirek back to hell once he came after his defeat 30 years ago.
Season 3: Final Wars
1 A Storm's Coming Joss Whedon & M.A. Larson September 5, 2014
2 A Rainbow Power's Delight Nicole Dubuc September 12, 2014
3 Brawling Dusk Babes Simon Kinberg & Josh Haber September 19, 2014
Applejack and Flash Sentry would put their kick-starting friendship to the test when Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle are fighting over both her coronation and her boyfriend, which Sunset would bring him back after her redemption. With Twilight in her way, Applejack must do something to Twilight to stop being agressive over Sunset and her reinstating relationship with Flash, Therefore something in their relationship might blossom.
4 TBA September 26, 2014
5 TBA October 3, 2014
6 TBA October 10, 2014
7 TBA October 17, 2014
8 TBA October 24, 2014
9 TBA October 31, 2014
10 TBA November 7, 2014
11 TBA November 14, 2014
12 TBA November 21, 2014
13 TBA November 28, 2014
14 TBA December 5, 2014
15 TBA December 12, 2014
16 TBA December 19, 2014
17 TBA January 23, 2015
18 TBA January 23, 2015
19 TBA February 6, 2015
20 TBA February 13, 2015
21 Last Resort (Part One) Aaron Montalvo, Rob Renzetti & Greg Weisman February 27, 2015
22 Last Resort (Part Two) Aaron Montalvo, Rob Renzetti & Greg Weisman February 27, 2015

Episodes (Anthro Bunraku: The Next)Edit