FUNimation Entertainment is an American television and film production company based on Flower Mound, Texas. The studio is best known for its distribution of anime and other entertainment properties in North America. FUNimation began in 1994 by Gen Fukunaga and his wife Cindy as FUNimation Productions, with funding by Daniel Cocanougher and his family, who became investors in the company. Funimation was sold to Navarre Corporation on May 11, 2005 and the company was renamed FUNimation Entertainment. In April 2011, Navarre sold Funimation to a group of investors including Fukunaga for $24 million. Around the same time, the company's trademark ball, star & blue bar were dropped from its logo and the entity was renamed "FUNimation". Funimation is a portmanteau of the English words fun and animation.

Since Dragon Ball Z's popularity due to the successful licensing of the English Dub that aired on Cartoon Network's Toonami, FUNimation was known for licensing popular anime series, such as The Dragon Ball series, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Toriko, Soul Eater, Attack on Titan, Pearl Universe and Fairy Tail as well as other anime like, Deadman Wonderland, Samurai 7, Witchblade, Mass Effect: Paragon Lost, Baccano!, Sengoku Basara, B Gata H Kei: Yamada's First Time, and re-acquired licenses such as Shakugan no Shana, Black Lagoon, Cowboy Bebop, Code Geass, 009-1, Air Gear, Yu-Gi-Oh! (Konami owns the YGO franchise actually), Sonic X (Which Saban probably owns it actually) and Tenchi Muyo!. Oh, and don't forget that they own non-anime shows and films, like the Zebraman films and Lost Girl.

FUNimation, with the partnership of NaruIchi97/AtomicRanger97 Entertainment Studios Inc., FremantleMedia Enterprises and Hasbro Studios will be the licensing for home video of Harmony Unleashed: Uprising due to some Funimation/Sentai VA's like Luci Christian and Colleen Clinkenbeard as well as other Funi/Sentai VA's being involved into the voices of other HU:U/MLP characters. For which, the english dubbing will collaborate with Studiopolis Inc. as they are recorded in NYAV Post and New Generation Pictures

They also licensed Harmony Unleashed: Spirit Brony High for a February 2014 international release after it's announcement trailer by NI97 and Bandai Visual. In 2013, NBCUniversal announced that they will drop the rights to the Harmony Unleashed: Human Ponidox Continuum Shift media franchise as they are going to focus on films, television and music, after that, Gen Fukunaga and Aaron Montalvo announced that FUNimation quickly rescued the media franchise of the anime television series for a re-release in 2014 alongside Spirit Brony High.