Bandai Visual

Bandai Visual Company, Limited (バンダイビジュアル株式会社, Bandai Bijuaru Kabushiki Gaisha), is a Japanese anime, film production and distribution enterprise, established by Bandai Company, Limited and a subsidiary of Namco Bandai Holdings, Inc., which is based in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Since the reorganisation of Namco Bandai Holdings in 2006, Bandai Visual now heads the group's Visual and Music Content Strategic Business Unit. Its subsidiaries include the Emotion Music Company, Limited, (whose logos also include the Moai from Easter Island), and Lantis Company, Limited music publishing labels.

It is involved in the production and distribution of several anime titles, including those it has directly produced itself and anime series produced by the anime studio Sunrise, a subsidiary of Bandai.

Bandai Visual will produce series from the Harmony Unleashed series in Japan, such as Human Ponidox Continuum Shift, Equestrian Trinity, AppleSpark Chronicles, Spirit Brony High, Uprising, Anthro Bunraku, Jaegermeisters, Rise of the Transformers and Guardians of Equestria, alongside companies like Aniplex, d-rights, Geneon Universal, Toei Company, Dentsu, Sotsu Agency and NaruIchi97/AtomicRanger97 Entertainment Studios Inc. soon to be known in 2013/2014 as Hollowfox Entertainment Inc.