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Main Information
Species Pony
Age 18 (HPCS)
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Male (HPCS/AB)
Element Honesty
Occupation Farming, Applebucking
Other Information
Portrayal/Voice See Below
Appearance My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Applejack is another of the Main characters of MLP: Friendship Is Magic as well as the Harmony Unleashed Series.


My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicEdit

Applejack is an earth pony with an orange body and blonde mane and tail. She speaks with a Southern American accent. Applejack is very trustworthy and laid-back, but sometimes tends to act stubborn. She wears a brown cowboy hat and is the only one of the six main characters who keeps her mane and tail tied back, instead of letting them fall loose. Applejack comes from a large family of ponies with apple-related names, spread all over Equestria, who oversee apple orchards and run a group of businesses to sell apples and products made from them. She works in her farm Sweet Apple Acres, where she lives with her younger sister Apple Bloom, older brother Big Macintosh and Granny Smith. Applejack has demonstrated her strength and dexterity on many occasions, and she is also very skilled with a lasso. She represents the element of honesty. She has a pet Border Collie named Winona.

Main Harmony Unleashed Series/YouTube Poop: The SeriesEdit


My Little Pony ChroniclesEdit

When Courtney helps Twilight Sparkle find her friends and her baby dragon assistant Spike, Applejack finds herself in a Human sized Bikini Bottom and meets Sandy, Spongebob's friend.

Human Ponidox Continuum ShiftEdit

After the magical accident with the orb, Applejack, instead of a girl, Her human ponidox has turned into a 18-year-old humanized boy with the same personality traits as her pony self. Also, he is strong, just like his older brother, Big Macintosh. He carries something special for his own battles, the knuckle gloves of Honesty.

Anthro BunrakuEdit

Like in HPCS, Applejack is a male, and still keeping the name of the G1 and G4 incarnation and his weapon is the Knuckle Gloves of Honesty.




Voice Actors and PortrayalsEdit

Language VA Series
English Ashleigh Ball All Shows (Except Uprising, EqT and ASTF/ANB, EXI)
Kate Higgins Uprising
Kira Buckland Extreme Ignition
Brittney Wilson Equestrian Trinity
Dramatic Ascension
Shelley Calene-Black All Stars: Trigger Factor
A New Beginning
Japanese Sora Tokui Equestrian Trinity
Spirit Brony High/ZERO (Pony)
Junko Takeuchi Human Ponidox Continuum Shift (Pony)
Anthro Bunraku - THE ANIMATION (Original Gender)
Guardians of Equestria
Harmony Unleashed film series (Stand Alone Spin-off Films only)
Ryoko Nagata HPCS Drama CD
Megumi Toyoguchi Uprising
Yuko Sanpei Extreme Ignition
Yukari Kokubun (Main)
Saori Hayami (Dissidia)
Rainbow Dawn series
Yuka Komatsu Dramatic Ascension
Takako Honda Spirit Brony High (Older Pony/Princess Knight)
Ai Orikasa Jaegermeisters (Pony)
Ami Koshimizu Pegasister Rangers: The Animated Series
Ayahi Takagaki All-Stars: Trigger Factor
Romi Park Harmony Unleashed: All Stars vs. ABXTD Slash Prime
Spanish Claudia Motta All Shows (Except EqT)
Natalia Rosminati Equestrian Trinity
Live Action Portrayal: Bridgit Mendler All Stars DX
Rule 63
English Matt Hill Human Ponidox Continuum Shift
Anthro Bunraku: The Animation
Equestria Campus Supremacy
Spirit Brony High (Young)
Bryce Papenbrook Uprising
Anthro Bunraku: The Animation Film - Aegis Resort
Eric Bauza Jaegermeisters
Alistair Abell Anthro Bunraku: The Next
Spirit Brony High
Jaegermeisters 2
HPCS NeoWave
Japanese Tetsuya Kakihara Human Ponidox Continuum Shift
Kenichi Suzumura Anthro Bunraku - THE ANIMATION
Harmony Unleashed film series (Stand Alone Spin-off Films only)
Mamoru Miyano Uprising
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Main)
Daisuke Namikawa (Dissidia)
Rainbow Dawn series
Yuki Kaji Jaegermeisters
Jun Fukuyama Spirit Brony High (Young)
Yuki Ono Equestria Campus Supremacy
Kisho Taniyama Harmony Unleashed: All Stars vs. Atomic Betty X Total Drama: Slash Prime
Takayuki Sugou Anthro Bunraku: The Next (Older, Prince/Knight)
Jaegermeisters 2 (Older)
Toshiyuki Morikawa Spirit Brony High
Keiji Fujiwara HPCS Neowave
Spanish Irwin Daayan Human Ponidox Continuum Shift
Spirit Brony High (Young)
Equestria Campus Supremacy
Juan Alfonso Carralero Anthro Bunraku: The Next (Older)
Spirit Brony High
HPCS NeoWave (Older)
Jaegermeisters 2
Live Action Portrayal Liam Hemsworth Harmony Unleashed film series (Stand Alone Spin-off Films only)

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