Qais Sedki with duo Akira Himekawa

On the right that's the writer for Gold Ring. the Duo is alongside him.

Akira Himekawa (姫川 明, Himekawa Akira) is the pen name of a duo of female comic book artists. The artists have worked together since 1991 and have not chosen to reveal their real names. The women are individually pen named A. Honda (本田A, Honda A) and S. Nagano (長野S, Nagano S?). The women were previously individually pen named Akira Karitaka (狩鷹明, Karitaka Akira) and Nui Ono (小野ぬい, Ono Nui).

The Himekawa Duo made the manga adaptation of the Legend of Zelda videogames as well as the 2003 Astro Boy Manga, Nazca, and Qais Sedki's Gold Ring. Also they are currently working on the Japanese manga of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic for Shogakukan's Puccigumi Magazine, which it could be different from the American IDW comics.

For Harmony Unleashed, within the Japanese release of Uprising, Himekawa provided ponies' design alongside Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's human designs exclusively for the opening and ending theme of the Japanese dub, as well as the Japanese manga publishing in Weekly Shonen Jump this fall. They also made the concept of characters for the anime series, which it was adapted by Shingo Adachi and Takahiro Kishida for Harmony Unleashed: Spirit Brony High animated by Tatsunoko and Production I.G.

The duo will once again provide pony and creature design for the Harmony Unleashed Cinematic and Television Universe tie-in anime series, The Harmony Unleashed Animated Saga: Equine Stars of the Zodiac for MAPPA and Toei Animation.